The Sun Never Sets On The Vegas Rock Dog Empire

My regal dog Thornton The Rock n Roll Dog

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A decade ago my husband and I started a rock ‘n’ roll clothing line for hip dogs and humans. It turned out an exciting time. We drew inspiration from our dog Galaxy and aspired to grow into something big. The Vegas Rock Dog brand did indeed come to be a company selling clothing, producing pet-rescue fundraisers, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dog blog, along with a radio show, Vegas Rock Dog Radio.

Now, you’d believe that was enough work on anyone’s plate. But we never planned to permit the sun set on the Vegas Rock Dog empire. Our dream ended up being to grow our audience of pet lovers which has a television show. It’s real, it’s happening, it’s Vegas Rock Dog TV, a pet-centric show for that modern pet parent, covering PETS + PEOPLE +POP CULTURE.

This might never have happened without a special friendship and partnership, with Ian Herrington and Amanda Deacon of Show Creators Studios, in Las Vegas.

pet talk radio television show animal

Amanda Deacon, Ian Herrington, and The Showbots.
Ian Herrington and Amanda Deacon own Show Creators Studios. They’re an entertainment production company having an emphasis on developing from the box concepts and content for today’s perpetually ‘connected’ audiences. They offer a diverse portfolio of services including production and support for theatrical, film and event applications, and also recording, photographic and theatrical studios within their Las Vegas facility.

Show Creators Studios have expanded in to the internet radio and television arena. I will be pleased to announce, it’s currently the new home of Vegas Rock Dog Radio and Vegas Rock Dog TV.

What a rockin’ start to the new year. You are personally invited for an open house on Saturday, January 30th, from 12pm to 8pm. I’ll exist to show you around and show you more about the show. You’ll be able to sign up for show updates by visiting Vegas Rock Dog TV.

I look forward to seeing you!

The Sun Never Sets On The Vegas Rock Dog Empire